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Legacy Website 2003-2020

Encounters began in April 2003 by opening up a disused Shop in Sharrow Sheffield where "nothing was for sale but lots was on offer."

80 projects involving thousands of participants, hundreds of artists, facilitators, producers, partners, and funders and 17 years later, Encounters closed in May 2020 during a 24-hour Sunset Celebration.

This website provides links to videos, reports, photographs and publications of these years.


Encounters Seedlings


Encounters has closed but many initiatives and collaborations seeded within Encounters Canopy continue.

The Art of Invitation​

The Art of Invitation training offers new creative tools for change that can resource you and your projects, groups, communities and organisations to engage in the ecological, cultural and social challenges of our time.


Contact Jenny Gellatly:


Chrysalis is a beautiful handcrafted mobile vehicle, a cabinet of curiosity for people, place and planet made by the hands and imagination of hundreds of people in South Devon and Torbay. Available for events and gatherings of all kind.



Museum of Now
MON this one .jpeg

Working with residents traditionally under-represented in museums and galleries, Museum of Now partners with museums, skilled craftspeople, and participants, to create artefacts that tell of our concerns and hopes for the future.


Contact Shelley Castle:

Town Anywhere
Copy of Town Anywhere Battersea Town Hal

Large Scale Community visioning event involving imagining, building with simple materials and then inhabiting a 3D Town that has made a just transition to living within the earth's limits. 


Contact Ruth Ben-Tovim:

Tracking Language

Tracking Language pioneers the practice of 'citizen anthropology’ to explore how people’s use of language changes throughout creative projects. Tracking creative emergence in the climate and ecological emergency it draws on linguistic anthropology, neuroscience, the use of hands and how we see ourselves as part of the natural world.


Contact Lucy Neal:

Walking Forest
Walking Forest.jpg

Looking back to the Suffragettes actions for radical democratic change, and inspired by the forest ecosystem, Walking Forest looks at how standing together for the well-being of the Earth today is key to planetary survival in the future.

Contact Shelley Castle:

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